Eli Wilson Goaltending

Seeking a much easier way to process multiple clients payments at once for his DotNetNuke website, Webmonton Media brought in ShiftUP Consulting to build a custom module to accomplish this goal.

After researching the capabilities of the Paypal billing contracts, we found it to be the perfect fit for Eli Wilson Goaltending's needs. With a billing contract, the merchant is able to establish an agreement to bill clients paypal accounts with a click.

As an example of the functionality the website is capable of, imagine that 30 students still owe some money towards a goalie camp that starts tomorrow. The website pulls up a list of all the students that still owe money for that camp, the administrator selects them all and clicks a button to bill all their paypal accounts for the remaining balance. This is accomplished by storing a unique id from Paypal on our website while allowing Paypal (a company renowned for security expertise) to store the sensitive credit card or banking information for the customer.

Some of the additional services of the website include the ability for customers to view their current ledger of charges and payments, view purchased hockey camps/workshops and make payments towards their balance. Administrators are able to add new camps, hotel options, discount codes and charges or rebates to customer ledgers.

With over 25 NHL drafted alumni of the Eli Wilson Goaltending school, if you or your kids want to improve their abilities, make sure you give Eli Wilson Goaltending a try!


  • Paypal billing contracts
  • Bill everyone in a group with a click
  • Customer self pay
  • Ledger Management
  • Discount codes
  • Manage hockey camps
  • DNN Content Management System website

Products Used: .NET, MS SQL, AJAX, DotNetNuke (DNN), Paypal API